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Downloaded RC Assistant, Phantom Assistant, and Seek Thermal software.

Updated drone firmware as required for battery support.

Calculated centre of gravity change due to weight of iPod, Seek Thermal camera, and counter balances.

Took seek camera horizontal shots in range of 3 m to 30 m.

Drone flying with and without extra weight, 5 to 10 minute flight times. Differences observed, varies depending how the drone is flown.

Thermal images are blurry after take off, need to somehow dampen vibrations.

Interesting Article: Applications of thermal imaging in avian science -->

vibrations drone outside


First attempt at dampening vibrations.
Worked well!

Outside test



Created an app to manage location in background. The simple app allows you to start and end a session to track GPS coordinates. It then can email results as csv file to be analyzed.

fence 2 58 fence 5 13 fence 8 50


fence 8 13 fence 8 50 fence 9 22

Testing along fence line.



Last Updated: April 30, 2015