"Haying practices that maximize both hay quality and grassland bird breeding success"
Tom Franklin

c/o Ontario Nature
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Conservation Haying Video

Bob Hall CC BY-NC 2.0c/o Ontario Nature

We need to implement methods to locate and protect nests!

Establish predictors for nest locations using statitistical methods.

  • displacement from nearest riparian area or fenceline
  • known nest locations
  • field geometric shape
  • field area
  • displacement from field midline
  • predation
  • abandonment

The advantages to farmers may include:

  • good quality hay, and only limited quantities of very poor quality hay
  • opportunity for 2nd cut hay on the acres that were cut on time
  • continued financial success, without viable beef operations, the hay could be quickly converted to row crops
  • simplicity
  • excellence in land stewardship

Support for the discontinuous nature of conservation haying might include cost-share on time saving equipment such as ... small square bale accumulators and grapple attachments.

Last Updated: March 22, 2015